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Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

A More Resilient Future

for Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

For the last 100 years, U.S. fire suppression policies have largely kept fire from playing its natural role, resulting in unnaturally high “fuel” levels in forests throughout the country. The Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network is helping people create a more wildfire-resilient future by connecting the innovative leaders in the field. The Network approached Vermilion to create a robust community website of members working locally and sharing ideas and lessons learned nationally. The site includes focus areas, a blog, and an extensive listing of pertinent resources.

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Making the Connection

Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network wanted to provide a simple way for its members to connect and share lessons learned nationally about fire adaptation. Vermilion created an interactive map that allows individuals and organizations to create a custom profile page that feeds into the maps database. Users can view members by location and interests to find others implementing similar FAC concepts and share their community’s stories with others.




143% Increase in site visitations


50% Increase in time spent on site


1000%+ increase in completion of key website goals like newsletter signup, blog subscription, and downloading their self-assessment tool

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