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Door to Door Organics finds itself in the midst of the highly competitive national online grocery business. What’s the best way to track down new customers? Digital marketing plays a critical role. As their agency partner for all digital paid media, Vermilion develops an annual media strategy, plan, and budget. From daily management and optimization of advertising channels and campaigns, to recommending new areas of growth and opportunity, we provide DTDO with a full range of services in support of their paid digital marketing efforts.

Our strategy is designed to drive conversions and increase awareness, affection, and loyalty. We continually create, amplify and optimize messages around the functional and emotional connect between happiness and healthy food. Prospects are served ads based on look-alike modeling of actual customer data and reach them through behavioral and contextual targeting. Through ongoing A/B testing, we help inform which value propositions, calls-to-action, design, copy, and keywords that most resonate most with prospective customers.

Analytics & Reporting

Like many of our clients, when we starting working with Door to Door Organics they had problems tracking the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. By working with their internal development team, we were able to completely rebuild their Google Analytics configuration to provide more accurate and actionable conversion data, including subscription sign-up funnel tracking. This data allows us to provide them with extremely detailed reporting – from real-time Google Analytics dashboards to weekly updates on budget and conversion pacing, to monthly recaps on performance and future recommendations


36% increased click through rate while keeping CPA in check


120,000 customers added since April 2014


29% Increased conversion rate year over year

Unboxing the Love

From the very beginning, we understood the functional benefits of online grocery shopping. We were looking for something deeper. The primary objective of our consumer research was to identify and explore the motivating emotional benefits of the brand. Through multi-day online journaling with active moderation, we were able to uncover key themes around how the brand made consumers feel, including the excitement, anticipation, and gratitude for the service. This insight guided the development of the “Joy Delivered” creative platform.

“I feel excited when I get a delivery even when I fully know what it is being delivered. It still feels like Christmas.”

J – Door To Door Organics Customer

A Smart and Balanced Media Mix

To maximize the effectiveness and impact of the digital marketing efforts, we layer in traditional tactics like terrestrial radio, NPR underwriting, OOH, and direct mail to spread awareness, build local connections, and attract attention across many channels. This approach allows us to reach a broad consumer base while our digital marketing helps us reach a specific audience and build relationships with the prospect that are deeper and more relevant.


A Delicious Reason to Smile

For the company’s first video, “Joy Delivered,” we wanted to share what it was like to get good food delivered to your door. The message focuses on the smile-inducing, skip-a-trip to the store benefits of the online grocery delivery experience. The ad plays on spot cable and Facebook and has received more than 50,000 views.

Video remains a valuable asset for the brand, and we produce simple yet effective videos like this “We Believe” video quarterly. Research shows Door to Door Organics customers value the online grocer’s high quality, locally sourced produce. Its one-stop shop for local message celebrates their partnerships with farmers and artisans to bring fresh, local organic produce, and speciality products without leaving the house.

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