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Mobility for Life

for Via Mobility Services

Special Transit, one of Boulder’s County’s oldest and largest nonprofit organizations, came to Vermilion with a challenge: freshen up our brand, and in the process, consider a name change, too. Via Mobility Services was the outcome of that extensively researched project, and an exciting new brand is the result. Most prominent are the splashy vehicle graphics, but a comprehensive new website, signage, uniforms, ads, and annual reports were all part of the mix.

The name Via was chosen because it is short, fresh, and memorable. Latin for “the way,” Via is now completely understood as the name of Special Transit. The identity features active and colorful brush strokes that represent all the ways Via is helping people with mobility needs. The tag — Mobility for Life — emphasizes the importance of Via’s mission to promote independence and self-sufficiency for people with limited mobility.

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A Vital Connection

Via’s ads communicate directly with the central senior audience but also with their adult children. Having that talk with Dad — asking him to turn over the car keys — is made easier with Via providing a wealth of mobility options, from training to use public transit to door-to-door transportation.


2,626 riders served in the paratransit program


62% Increase in customers served in mobility options program -- individual travel plans


25% Increase in customers in Individualized Travel Training Program

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