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Sleep Easily

The All-Natural Sleep Solution

for Sleep Easily

Developed by Richard Shane, PhD, Sleep Easily promises better days due to its medication-free sleep solution. Sleep Easily is an effective sleep method that unlocks our body’s simple, physical processes to induce natural, restful sleep.

Vermilion produced the positioning, messaging, identity, packaging, and design for this breakthrough technique. Our primary objective was to create a trusted and approachable brand to increase awareness and trial. While having proof that the Sleep Easily Method is effective, the brand needed to work hard to demonstrate credibility in this space.

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Live a Life Well Rested

Vermilion’s packaging brought Sleep Easily to life through a sophisticated and modern design which brings clarity to the product. The full product comes with the SleepGuide booksummary card, audio player, and more. With the money-back guarantee, Sleep Easily can ensure you’ll wake up rested and ready to live your best life.


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