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Rose Community Foundation

Rose Community Foundation

Guided by Values

for Rose Community Foundation

The Rose Community Foundation uses leadership, grant-making and donor engagement to invest in strategic and innovative solutions to enduring problems and emerging issues in the Greater Denver Community. Created with assets from the sale of Rose Medical Center (an independent nonprofit hospital created by Denver’s Jewish community in 1949), the foundation is grounded in the original mission to serve through putting into practice the Jewish values of philanthropy, justice and nondiscrimination.Having designed their original logo a decade ago, Vermilion was asked to take a fresh look at their brand visuals and messaging, and apply the new system to an annual report and robust website overhaul.

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Refreshing the Brand Foundation

Vermilion listened carefully to stakeholders at all levels of the organization to learn exactly what guides Rose Community Foundation’s philosophy and work. Based on that research, Vermilion crafted an updated visual identity system and messaging guidelines that better expresses the human-centered, joyful, and collaborative way the Foundation works, and to tell the stories of people whose lives have been improved.

Translating Values to Impact

The Foundation’s annual report served as a perfect vehicle to employ the new brand system. Authentic documentary-style photography, bold colors, and a conversational tone of voice tell vivid stories of grantees in their primary funding areas of aging, child & family development, education, health and Jewish Life.

“Your annual report this year is both a testimony to the enormous impact you have on this community and to the extraordinary legacy that Sheila leaves behind. … Thank you for your inspiration and your dedicated leadership in making Colorado a great State to live!”  — Senator John Hickenlooper

An Online Presence

In philanthropy, an effective website needs to balance two things: a clear and compelling vision, and an intuitive user experience designed specifically for strategic audiences. Vermilion succeeded in communicating their values-driven impact with bold imagery, emotional storytelling, and a simple and intuitive presentation of funding areas, grants, publications, news, and thought leadership.

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