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Outdoor Industry Association

Outdoor Industry Association

The Big Tent

for Outdoor Industry Association

Like many business associations, the Outdoor Industry Association realized they had an opportunity to be more relevant for their members. Together, we asked, “Why would anyone visit the OIA website?” Our new approach represented a significant shift, providing essential industry stories and trends, while including member benefits. A bonus is an in-depth segmentation study called ConsumerVue that helps members better understand and identify their customers. Traffic is up 35% from the previous site over a 12-month period.

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Who is the outdoor consumer? There’s no single answer. Industry marketers, strategists, and retailers look for the most relevant and targeted strategies to reach their audiences. OIA’s ConsumerVue feature helps illuminate the broad landscape of definitive segments, attitudes, and behaviors.

The Right Tools for Success

The OIA website includes a robust Resources database with a wide range of reports, infographics, and industry guidance. Whether you’re a marketer seeking trend reports, or a policymaker interested in OIA’s involvement in government affairs, the Resource database is the go-to hub for industry professionals and OIA members.


35% Traffic increase year-over-year from launch

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