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for OSMO Nutrition

A relatively new, premium entry in the endurance sports market, OSMO Nutrition engaged Vermilion and Berry Strategy to help identify opportunities as the brand expanded to new, broader distribution.

Our primary objective was to create packaging and messaging that would optimize and extend the brand’s appeal and relevance to a wider set of athletes across more occasions.

Our consumer discussion groups revealed a deep, personal connection with exercise that spanned athletes — and put a spotlight on its particularly sacred role as a rare window of ‘me time’ for many women. Additionally, the brand needed to work harder to demonstrate how it could actually improve upon something as pure as water, without the risk of leading to ‘bonking’ or poor athletic performance.

Concept Exploration

We developed a range of concepts that explored the key insight that surfaced during our discussion groups: invite athletes to reconsider how performance hydration products don’t replace water, but rather make it more powerful.

Straight Talk

The final concept, “Straight Talk,” gets right to the crux of the matter: OSMO makes your water work harder, your protein work smarter, and helps you get more out of your workout.

A winner on shelf, this concept draws shoppers in with a bold promise and delivers with an effective, clean-label product.

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