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Naturally Boulder

Naturally Boulder

A Natural Wonder

for Naturally Boulder

Naturally Boulder is home to the vibrant and eclectic community of natural products visionaries, thought leaders, influencers, pioneers, and rock stars… in short, the organization is a natural wonder and it was time to show it. Vermilion was tapped by Naturally Boulder to redesign their website to more clearly own the organization’s authentic role as the “center of the center” for our natural products community. The refreshed website captures Naturally Boulder’s position as the go-to resource for events and education, demonstrates the value of membership, and brings to life the community’s contagious enthusiasm.

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Building Connections

The redesigned website brings the evolved position and influence of the organization to life. It is a hub of resources and connections that provide value for new and regular visitors and includes easy access to documents and information resources and smart integration with social platforms and events. The site showcases the organization’s polish and established credibility along with passion, knowledge, and an entrepreneurial spirit.


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