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National Runaway Safeline

National Runaway Safeline

From Crisis to Connection

for National Runaway Safeline

National Runaway Safeline (NRS) aims to be a go-to resource for kids who have run away from home or are thinking about it. Vermilion focused on the needs of teens who were in desperate situations, searching for confidential, nonjudgemental advice. Runaways are most likely using mobile devices, not desktops, so mobile was the top priority, and graphics were far less important than loading times. We placed contact information strategically: On large screens, information appears at the top, and on small screens, the same buttons are persistent on the bottom, close to a user’s thumb — making it easy for users to connect to a calm, sensitive presence that can make all the difference.

Photos of friendly faces and handwritten fonts promote the accessibility and compassion that NRS provides, and large headlines, solid color blocks, and clean lines make it easy to find critical information.

Focus on the User

Many of the audiences for the new website are younger, accessing it from mobile or tablet devices. Creating a mobile-first, responsive design was critical for NRS to build confidence with the people who are looking for a credible resource that understands them.

Understanding Where Users Are, and What They Need

A big part of evaluating the success of the NRS site is looking closely at the states where users are visiting from, and how that correlates with the data from the website’s call, chat, and forum resources.


211% Increase in emails between 2013 and 2016


109% Increase in chats between 2013 and 2015

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