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Town of Vail

Town of Vail

A Sustainable Destination

for Love Vail

In 2011, the Town of Vail introduced a long-term sustainability plan to help the community take a more forward-looking stance on its environmental and social impacts.

Let’s face it: It’s human nature that when you’re forced to do something, you’re less likely to want to. So, in 2015 when the Town of Vail passed a groundbreaking ordinance mandating recycling, officials knew it would take more than a little goodwill to get everyone in the community on board.

Challenged to raise community awareness for the new law and explain how it applies to residents and businesses alike, we thought, “let’s celebrate the reason people come to Vail in the first place” — all the ways they play in the outdoors and the natural amenities that make it possible. In short: If you love it here, recycle here. It’s that simple. We knew we couldn’t tell people what to do, but we could empower them to show their love by protecting the environment they treasure.

Beyond zero waste, Vermilion is helping Vail maintain its ecosystem health through a public education campaign to restore Gore Creek. With the theme ‘A Little Wild Goes a Long Way,’ we’re encouraging businesses, residents, and landscapers to recognize the delicate balance between the town’s growing infrastructure and the natural environment.

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We Love It Here

The ‘Love Vail’ recycling video builds community engagement with heartfelt testimonials from Olympic skiing champion, Mikaela Shiffrin, and Vail firefighter Ryan Sutter, on what the environmental health of Vail means to them.


Zero Waste is a Group Effort

To recommend the best solutions for the new recycling program, Vermilion started by doing research on the local dynamics between residents, businesses, waste haulers, and ultimately the materials recovery facilities (MRFs). Understanding interactions and relationships between each segment helped shape how public and interpersonal communication could help accelerate the Town of Vail’s goals.

Restore the Gore

Beyond its zero waste goals, the Town of Vail has a long-term Sustainability Plan that will address everything from recycling, the restoration of Gore Creek, and a plan for affordable housing. With the Gore, Vermilion is actively supporting a public education program about the factors that are contributing to a decline in the ecological balance of the creek within the town and farther into Vail Valley.

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