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Dreaming Up Deliciousness

for JC’s

Home chef and entertainer, Jennifer Constantine (universally known as “JC”), developed quite a following when a batch of her popular homemade panna cotta unexpectedly froze after her fridge went a little nutty. The “Oh no” turned into “Oh yeah!” and JC’s Pie Pops® were born. The joy and taste of everyone’s favorite classic pies with a modern twist.

About a year later, the company’s own staff members became obsessed with eating JC’s Pie Pops before they’d been coated in a crunchy crust, an idea that gave birth to the “Nudies®” line of products. Next, JC’s moved out of the freezer and into the candy aisle with another innovation, “Pie Bites®,” which puts a delicious new spin on chocolate truffles. And, now JC’s done it again with their newest product, Scoops®! Bringing JC’s creativity to the classic ice cream pint through eight premium flavors.

Vermilion has partnered with JC’s on packaging development for the entire line, trade show booth design, and creation of engaging social content for Facebook and Instagram.

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Ice Cream Just Took a Churn for the Better

Scoops is premium ice cream in a pint with a handle. Some say JC’s may have gotten a little carried away with their unexpected and innovative flavors like Cinnamon Chocolate Churro and Peanut Butter and Jelly Donut — but we definitely think otherwise!

Swirls Just Wanna Have Fun

JC is known for her “Happy Accidents” and she couldn’t stop having them after Pie Pops. The slimmed down and swirly Nudies product line has the sweet satisfaction of Pie Pops, but are light on calories.

Truffles, Meet Pie. Pie, Meet Truffles.

Pie Bites are in the candy aisle! They’re creamy and decadent on the inside with a punch of crunch on the outside. She also sells Pie Bites Minis — the cutest three-bite pack you will ever see.

Sharing the Sweetness

Vermilion has partnered with JC’s to add the same energy and sweetness to their social channels.


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