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Jackson’s Honest

Jackson’s Honest

Goodness. Pass it On.

for Jackson's Honest

“Temptation Alley.” “Aisle of crap.” For many shoppers, chips are a category defined by emptiness and ruled by global brands. Enter Jackson’s Honest: local chips born from the pure intentions of a family on a mission and made with simple ingredients cooked in delicious, nutrient-dense coconut oil. To help Jackson’s Honest break down barriers and grow the love, we worked to distill and build the brand and its expression around what comes naturally for them: “Goodness. Pass it on.” The revitalized position, look, feel, and voice is a standout on shelf, online, and every other channel, including the brand’s classic truck. Jackson’s Honest is about being more than business — it’s about leading a movement to reintroduce healthy, traditional fats into the food chain.

Ingredients With Purpose

Our consumer research uncovered food for the Jackson’s Honest target audience is more than fuel, it’s a reflection of their beliefs. These consumers eat their values and want a brand they can trust. In a category defined by emptiness, Jackson’s is substantive: nutrient-dense, mindfully-crafted foods made with love.

One Potato, Two Potato...

Vermilion reimagined Jackson’s Honest’s packaging design with a modern, extendable look that retains the authenticity of the original but with improved visibility, shopability, and communication.

Snack Food is Happy Food

Jackson’s Honest was founded by a family on a mission to create products that are honestly, deliciously better. Their highly anticipated Tortilla Chips are made with simple yet significant ingredients like nutrient-dense organic coconut oil, stone-ground organic corn, and salt.


Family Matters

You know what’s behind Jackson’s Honest Chips? A big, noisy, loving, chip-devouring family. A family that is serious about eating healthy and equally serious about their passion for chips. We built the Jackson’s Honest website on an economical Shopify template and helped bring their inspiring story to life to deepen their engagement with consumers as well as move them through the funnel.


4x More antioxidants in Purple Heirloom potatoes than typical potatoes.


93% Saturation in coconut oil makes it heat stable and resistant to oxidation. Perfect for cooking chips.

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