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Honestly Bare

Honestly Bare

Honestly Good Dog Food

for Honestly Bare

Many dog (and cat) owners are losing faith that big-brand pet foods are good for their pets — they’re demanding nutritious pet food that’s real food. In a category defined by highly-processed, nutritionally-dubious options that feature busy designs and questionable claims, Honestly Bare is radically simple and clear about good food for pets, starting with their ingredients.

To disrupt the assumption that pet food brands have something to hide, we uncomplicated every aspect of the pet food experience. We started by crafting an ownable foundation and positioning that would win with pet owners who scrutinize brands and products to avoid getting duped in search of the most nutritious food for their pet. Then, we extended the brand by creating a distinct identity, packaging for their product suite, a website, and promotional materials to boot.

A Doggone Honest Identity

Once the brands foundation was in place, we developed a tone and visual identity that was as honest and uncomplicated as dogs are.

Looks Like Real Food Because It Is Real Food

These delightfully bold designs stand out online and on-shelf for buyers and consumer alike.   

Quality Ingredients Deserve a Quality Website

Honestly Bare’s new story, identity, and packaging needed a new home. Enter: our bright, interactive new website.

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