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Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine

Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine

The Future of Medicine

for Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine

Imagine a day when cancer is curable, neurological damage is reversible, and a universal blood supply is grown on demand. It sounds like a distant dream, but this is a future that stem cell research and regenerative medicine has brought right to our doorstep. To help the Gates Center stand out in this field dominated by petri dishes, pipettes, and sterile science-speak, we challenged ourselves to answer the question, “What’s the real lifeblood driving this innovation?” Our answer: People.

Vermilion worked with the Gates Center to develop a more human positioning and expression for the organization and created a video-forward website that draws people into the Center’s revolutionary story. The result is a clear expression of a results-driven team dedicated to accelerating regenerative medicine and improving life for generations to come.

The Gates Center is a place born of pioneering spirit that moves, flows, and hums with all that is human.

Led by a world-class team of scientists, every room and lab is alive with innovation and a pulse racing with the promise of what’s next. Vermilion designed a more human positioning and expression for the organization and developed a video-forward website to bring people into telling the Gates Center’s story of revolutionary technologies and therapies.

Creating the Infrastructure for Innovation

Dr. Dennis Roop, Director of the Gates Center, built a dream team of stem cell researchers from around the world. Vermilion captured a series of video interviews with these key players, bringing a collection of vivid and compelling personal voices to the Center’s online presence.

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