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Farley Center

Farley Center

Health is the Whole Person

for The Eugene S. Farley Health Policy Center



The Eugene S. Farley Center for Health Policy has developed a new framework for better integrating behavioral health and primary care. They’ve tackled two questions: what are the elements that a behavioral health provider needs to be successful in a primary care environment? How can they advance the integration of behavioral health more broadly across America by developing networks, sharing evidence, and tailoring solutions to unique state-by-state needs?

To support Farley’s vision of transforming the system to treat health as the whole person, Vermilion orchestrated a communications platform called “Make Health Whole.” We highlighted eight “competencies” for integration through a series of live-action and animated videos. And we embarked on a long-term program to activate integration efforts among providers, insurers, policymakers, educators and philanthropies on the state level.

Making It Relatable

Early on, Vermilion saw that live-action video could be a compelling way to build empathy and recognition. Our team produced a powerful suite of pieces featuring authentic patients and providers. Stories captured the struggles of a disconnected system, and the impact of clinics that bring life-changing solutions together under one roof.

Animating the Competencies

What’s the best way to make a complex system easier to understand? How can we make professional tips and guidance approachable and memorable? In concert with the video stories, Vermilion created a suite of animated videos to highlight the eight competencies. From engaging and empowering patients, to adapting to the needs of an integrated care team, the animated series delivers pragmatic insight in a format that grabs your attention and makes you want to share with colleagues.

Let's Transform the System. Together.

We developed this platform so people can utilize these tools and develop their networks to address their communities specific needs. The website is where all of this content can live and acts as an anchoring platform for growth and scalability of this program brand.








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