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Epicurean Butter

Epicurean Butter

Our Charge: Bring the Flavor From the Inside, Out

for Epicurean Butter

With more home cooks shopping for specialty ingredients to showcase their talents, Epicurean Butter tapped Vermilion to refresh the brand and infuse the outside of the package with as much flavor as what’s inside.

We elevated the brand’s visual storytelling with a clear, colorful, and current design. The new packaging commands a stronger shelf presence by uniting the diverse family of flavors with a delicious color palette, anchored by an energetic logo mark. Simplified messaging conveys that whether consumers sauté, cook, bake or finish their recipes with flavored butter, it makes everything taste better.

Making “Gourmet” Accessible

In order to help the brand overcome the potentially negative connotations of “gourmet,” we reframed the visual identity to highlight the brand’s unique savory and sweet flavors. Our packaging design extends Epicurean Butter across a variety of pack sizes and flavors with an approachable and unfussy style, breathing new life into an uninspired butter category.

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