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for Community Foundation Boulder County

For 25 years the Community Foundation has been a force for improving the quality of life in Boulder County. As a champion for philanthropy, the Foundation is a catalyst for positive change. Vermilion has been there from the early days, producing websites, annual reports, marketing literature, event announcements, and community advertising. This year’s projects include an evolved brand platform and a new website.

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A New Vitality

The new Community Foundation brand is upbeat and vibrant, reflecting the energy and activity of this amazing community resource. Working closely with a marketing committee of the board, we helped refine a new positioning and tag line, evolved the logo, added new colors and typography, and created mood boards and style guides to implement the bold new look.

What Can You Do?

Believing that the Community Foundation Boulder County is a well-kept secret, the Foundation staff and Vermilion concocted a novel idea: how about a series of full page ads in the Daily Camera that painted a picture of a dynamic, energetic local partner to help people connect to the causes they care about? With the theme “we can accomplish more together than alone,” the ads encouraged readers to “get inspired and donate now.”

An Annual Appeal

Donor stories are among the most powerful ways to get the Community Foundation message out. “Every year we spend time with the Community Foundation staff to help us determine where to best allocate our funds based on causes we’re passionate about,” says Danny Hassan, Community Foundation donor. And each year the annual appeal features the ways to give and the impact giving makes in the community.

Building LGBTQ Community

The Open Door Fund is a permanent endowment at the Community Foundation that raises money and distributes grants for programs that enhance the lives of its lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Vermilion donates the creative for invitations, programs, advertising, and banners for the annual community Gala.

Corporate Philanthropy

Pledge 1% is a corporate philanthropy movement that encourages and challenges individuals and companies to pledge 1% of equity, product, and employee time for their communities. We worked with the Community Foundation and the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado in developing the logo and website that is now making the community a key stakeholder in companies across the country.


$70 million to nonprofits in Boulder County and beyond


3,500 hours donated by Grant committee volunteers in 2015

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