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Coaching Corps

Coaching Corps

A New Game Plan

for Coaching Corps

For a lot of kids, playing sports is a way to learn to collaborate and experience the joy of physical competition. Coaches play a vital role in these discoveries. A good coach can guide young athletes to reach their personal potential — emphasizing patience and diligence in learning core skills and putting them to use. In parts of many cities across the country, there are no organized youth sports programs or coaches to lead them. Coaching Corps enlists volunteer coaches in communities that need them most. Vermilion designed and built the Coaching Corps website to capture the magic and mentorship that occurs between coaches and kids, and to generate recognition and excitement among volunteers who want to make a difference.

Telling the Story

Because Coaching Corps recruits sports-loving college students for volunteer roles, the site uses bold type and modern graphics that translate well to mobile screens. Vermilion crafted language that quickly explains how the organization partners with local sports leagues to get young athletes on the field and teach life lessons that go well beyond the sidelines.

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