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Colorado is Ready

Colorado is Ready

Colorado's next chapter to advance integrated care starts now.

for The Eugene S. Farley Health Policy Center

In 2019, Colorado’s ambitious State Innovation Model (SIM) initiative came to its planned conclusion after a 5-year, $65-million dollar campaign advancing access to integrated primary care and behavioral health services in the state. 

Vermilion was tapped by the Eugene S. Farley Health Policy team to support the effort by creating a robust communications platform that would champion the readiness of stakeholders across the state to continue this vital work and motivate the field to maintain their collaborations and efforts. 

Led by the voices of on-the-ground contributors, Colorado Is Ready celebrates stakeholders across the state for their efforts to set the foundation for integrating care. The campaign also rallies recognition that the work is not done — and we can’t lose the momentum that’s been created.

Anchored in a robust LinkedIn content strategy, Colorado Is Ready created a visible community and facilitated the exchange of ideas and development of real-world connections.


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