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Center for Champion Nursing in America

Center for Champion Nursing in America

The Future of Nursing

for Center for Champion Nursing in America

A national initiative of AARP and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Future of Nursing Campaign for Action is working to transform healthcare through nursing to build healthier communities. The website lays out the campaign’s history and vision, tracks the program’s progress, and provides a directory of resources and action coalitions to advance the transformation. An online community discussion group invites participation from stakeholders in all 50 states to share insights and successes.

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Strength in Numbers

Each Action Coalition in the Campaign for Action represents the needs and progress of an individual state. While some make strides in nursing education, and others achieve incremental success in partnering with local policymakers and business leaders, the website encourages active sharing of insights and professional tools to help all states eventually benefit from the rich expertise of the nursing community.

Making It All Happen

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Implementation Program (SIP) provides funding to various states for projects that further the mission to provide more Americans access to high-quality care. The Campaign for Action website provides a series of infographics and visuals to provide real-time updates on the status of SIP funding by state.

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