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Cain Travel

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for Cain Travel

For 32 years, Cain Travel has been one of Boulder’s preeminent corporate travel teams. Vermilion recently redesigned their website to better communicate their services, introducing a modern design that reinforces the company’s customer focus, global reach, and depth of experience. Vermilion crafted an intuitive path to build engagement and spur action. The new website provides an immersive experience with vibrant color, authentic photography, and graphics that build from the nautical symbols of the company logo, which enjoys a healthy brand equity among Cain’s customers.

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A Deeper Customer Experience

The new website design for Cain Travel is an innovative departure from the competitive landscape of competitors online. Since launch, the new website has seen a 20% increase in search engine visibility. Over time, Cain has also seen an increase in new customer inquiries and email newsletter registrations. Overall, the new Cain Travel website represents a dramatic transformation from the old online presence—modernizing the Cain brand personality and establishing the organization as a key player in the corporate travel landscape.



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