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Boulder Valley School District

Boulder Valley School District

Children as a Priority

for Boulder Valley School District

Boulder Valley School District occupies a unique place in the Boulder community. With a high school graduation rate of over 96%, and a workforce of some of the most effective teachers in the state, the district enjoys a true culture of success. But rather than rest on its laurels, BVSD has continued to push for a better and better education system. From championing early childhood education programs, to pioneering innovative learning environments, to closely examining the cultural and economic diversity of the communities it serves, BVSD is all about maximizing individual student success. Vermilion has been proud to partner with BVSD on dozens of initiatives to engage and communicate with all of the audiences that bring it together.

Putting Students First

In 2015, the Boulder Valley School District launched a dynamic strategic plan that puts a new focus on innovation and student-directed learning. The Success Effect website is devoted to promoting this comprehensive approach, which was crafted with the help of teachers, community activists, and local business owners, who all have a stake in the outcome. Vermilion worked closely with Superintendent Bruce Messinger to show how the district will maximize learning opportunities, build a culture that fosters ongoing professional development for educators, and deepen ties with community partners. In addition to the website, Vermilion crafted email templates, posters, brochures, and signage for school vehicles.


26% Increased Engagement Year over Year


28% Increase in Traffic from Organic Search Year over Year

Early Childhood Education

The first few years of children’s development have a huge impact on their lives and their livelihood. The field of Early Childhood Education is an area of significant focus for educators. And in the Boulder Valley School District, it’s a passion. This dedicated BVSD website, aimed at parents and the community at large, spells out the district’s extensive preschool programming for young learners, creating a positive experience for all children, including those with special needs. “Spark a lifetime of achievement” is the theme of the site, which emphasizes the role of early childhood education in charting a successful course of a child’s entire academic career.

Let's Start a Movement

Playing into the insight that healthy and active students are more successful in the classroom, Boulder Valley School District Health & Physical Education launched an initiative focused on encouraging more activity through a comprehensive health education program. We supported this initiative through a site framework, design and full build.

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Boulder Valley School District

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