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Brand Boldly

for Bhakti Chai

Tea. The very word is often paired with “sip” and people think of it as a quiet beverage category of mellow flavors and laid-back lives. But that does not describe the personality, vision, or spicy ginger of Bhakti Chai. Bhakti’s flavors are bold. Their story is bold. And their commitment to everything they do in life and around the world is big and brave and deliciously fresh. So we felt their colors, images, and words that accompany their brand should be as vibrant and lively as they are.

“I am Bhakti Bold” provides a chance for Bhakti trade customers and consumers to see themselves in the brand, be empowered by their spirit, and find themselves not just loving their cup of Bhakti Chai but discovering it is an integral part of who they are and the things to which they are devoted.


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