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It’s hard to talk about sexual health and contraceptives, especially when you just want to get it on. To help educate people and get them thinking and talking, we needed a way to break through and make these topics not only accessible, but fun — particularly for our target 18–29 year olds. Our approach? Empower these young adults to just be themselves — only safer and more confident — by recognizing they’re smart enough to make their own decisions and offering engaging opportunities to learn before they’re in the moment. We call it

To spark conversations in Colorado, we developed an integrated presence for the brand that includes communications across digital, billboard, transit, indoor, radio, cable, cinema, and print advertising. All channels led our audience to an education and resource-focused, mobile-optimized, bilingual website.

What started as a campaign has taken on a life of its own, becoming a trusted brand and hub for information on sexual health and wellness. And, along with funding efforts to expand access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC), helped to spur a significant reduction in unintended pregnancies in Colorado and a greater than 400% increase in LARC use.

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Birth Control Method Selector

Everyone is different — and so is their birth control. The birth control method selector allows users to simply scan all available birth control methods and dive into the details to decide which method is right for them.

Bringing into the Community needed their message to be just about everywhere to try and “normalize the conversation.” In addition to extensive digital advertising, we reached the target demographic through billboards, buses, benches, bus shelters, posters in bathrooms, print ads, Pandora radio spots, and several more outlets.

30 Seconds to Get Colorado Talking

Vermilion created two videos to further increase sexual health awareness for pregnancy and birth control. These videos ran through Comcast, in cinemas, on screens in downtown Denver, and online. YouTube did a case study on the commercials because of their outstanding performance based on unique views, high view rate, and low cost per view.


246 clinics cobranded across colorado

Outreach Team

Since March 2012, the outreach team has been out talking with Coloradans at health fairs, bars, concerts, festivals, and other public events. Vermilion provided the initial strategy to identify types of events that would be beneficial to attend, created partnerships with organizations like Westword and 5280, and created all outreach materials. This in-person interaction added a very personable and relatable piece to the campaign.

Holiday eCards

One of our favorite (and most popular) social campaigns was our Naughty vs. Nice custom holiday e-card app. Users could combine a nice, sassy, or sexy holiday illustration with custom sayings and share them with friends and significant others across social channels.


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