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Attention Homes

Attention Homes

A Cycle of Possibility

for Attention Homes

Founded 50 years ago by Judge Horace Holmes, Attention Homes sees a world where every young person has a safe place to live and the attention they need. The organization offers youth shelter and residential housing in addition to services that help youth build behavioral, emotional, and career-related pathways for success; reunite with their families; and become self-sufficient. Vermilion was brought in to update the organization’s identity and messaging. The modern new logo features the tagline “changing lives of youth in crisis.” Bus boards project the new identity into the community. Our most recent project is adaptation of the logo to include the celebration of the organization’s 50th anniversary.

Opportunities for Change

Homeless and displaced youth represent a growing population in Boulder County. This brochure and accompanying advertising supports the development team in raising critical funds for the programs and services needed to help homeless youth become stable, independent members of our community.


80% Increase in Fundraising Income


25% More Youth and Adults Served

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