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Erin Coldiron

Erin shattered her left wrist attempting to stay upright on hot pink Barbie roller skates at the tender age of six but has since recovered enough to design nice things. She brings 5+ years of specialized experience in brand identity, environmental graphic design, and signage + wayfinding to the Vermilion team. In addition, after receiving (soul-crushing) criticism by a primary school teacher for poor handwriting, Erin has a strong eye for typography design and custom lettering, leading her to teach local hand lettering courses. She’s excited to bring this skillset to the forefront of her client designs at Vermilion. When she’s not obsessing over the minuscule adjustments of the space in between letterforms, she can be found playing tug with her spirited Aussie pup, Paxton, camping in the Rocky Mountains, whipping up delicious food, or picking up new skills while traveling the world (learning to drive stick-shift in a camper van of the backroads of Iceland, anyone?).

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