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Wild Planet

Wild Planet

Reinvigorating a world beyond the tide.

for Wild Planet Foods

Wild Planet is a powerful force. For the oceans. And for all who are nourished by what they provide. Recognizing an inflection point for the brand, the team at Wild Planet tapped Vermilion to craft a strategy that deeply connects with consumers and develop a creative platform infused with the brand’s purpose and beliefs.

Led by the consumers themselves (all while adapting to the early days of the pandemic), we dove into their worlds, explored their pantries, and revealed their beliefs. Our insights deepened and refined the brand’s understanding of its shoppers. And we identified a unique opportunity to overcome the deep resistance to brand switching in the category.

Armed with these fresh insights, we turned to crafting a platform that would move the brand beyond a recipe focus to make a consumer connection with its deeply held values and purpose.

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