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Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

Good Food Matters

for Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market continues to redefine and elevate what consumers expect from the grocery experience — and with substantial commitment to practices, people, taste, and quality, the business has a compelling story to share. Faced with an expanding organic selection at traditional grocers and the introduction of lower-cost “natural” competitors, the company’s Rocky Mountain Region recognized a need to strengthen their communication of leadership, value, and values with shoppers.

Good Food Matters Rally Cry

Vermilion was called on to bring the Whole Foods Market story to life through a comprehensive messaging platform and help visually translate the grocer’s ethos into unique, location-inspired decor and signage for store remodels throughout the region. Our insight: this is about a shared belief that “Good Food Matters,” because where your food comes from — and the values behind it — is essential to how it nourishes you and your family.

Local Values

In order to make each store feel unique and connected to its local roots, our approach shines a spotlight on the community’s own story and connects their values to those of Whole Foods. The Boulder Baseline store sits on the 40th parallel, which, in Boulder County, runs from the foothills of the Rockies, east onto the Colorado prairie. So, a symbolic red line circumscribes the store. The rest of the Baseline graphics relate to the NCAR, NIST, and NOAA scientific communities and University of Colorado students in the adjoining neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Approach

Together, we’ve had the privilege to create the messaging, design language, and over 400 unique sign types for 9 stores in the Rocky Mountain region including Boulder’s Baseline and Ideal Market; other locations include Fort Collins, Wichita, Colorado Boulevard, Longmont, Cerrillos, New Center Point, Highlands Ranch, and the Rocky Mountain Regional Office.

The entrepreneurial spirit and bicycle culture of Ft. Collins provided creative fodder for an expressive design vocabulary which takes the big idea from its napkin sketch to realization.

Food is Community.

The much-anticipated Longmont Whole Foods Market is now open, adding a beautiful, architecturally-exciting new store for the community. Vermilion worked closely with the WFM team on custom messaging and environmental design, crafting localized images and themes such as “our place is your place” that reflect the Longmont ethos.

Whole Foods Market

Soup to Nuts Signage

Wichita is the Aircraft Capital of the World. To tap into this local ethos, Vermilion designed produce letters using metal and rivets, made check stand lights showing a cross-section similar to aircraft wing construction, created bird’s eye view graphics of crop irrigation circles, and combined Kansas sunflowers with instrument panels. Paper airplane dairy signs are a more playful nod to flight.

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