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University of Colorado Continuing Education

University of Colorado Continuing Education

Own Your Journey

for University of Colorado Continuing Education

CU Continuing Ed fills a unique niche in the University of Colorado system. Working independently from the main campus in Boulder, CE offers courses that benefit students on main campus and the community at large. Since 2006, Vermilion has crafted marketing campaigns that include print and online advertising, course catalogs, web design, and targeted social media strategies. Now we’re creating an integrated marketing campaign that will reach our target audiences during key decision-making moments.

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Repositioning the Brand

Building on a decision to sunset the printed CE Course Catalogs, we’ve led a comprehensive brand development process resulting in “Own Your Journey.” This campaign repositions CE within the lived experience of credit-seeking students, driven by both key audience and brand equity insights. We’ve reframed the expression based on three need-based student segments: those looking to “Get Ahead,” to “Stay on Track,” or to “Catch Up.”

To demonstrate this, we produced a series of videos celebrating students achieving their goals and interacted with students as they candidly share what being a student is all about.

The result is incredibly engaging content that tangibly connects the CE brand to the bigger goal of their key student audience: becoming the person they aspire to be in life.

Celebrating a Sweet End to the Semester

To celebrate student accomplishments and grow brand awareness, we partnered with CE to plan an event that’s all about cookies and conversations. Students walked away knowing more about how CE can help them  — and with a cookie in hand.

Lifelong Learning

As the website for Continuing Education increasingly became the way students found courses, Vermilion produced a complete overhaul in 2014. The fully-responsive site focuses on robust course filtration, allowing students to browse hundreds of University programs quickly and effortlessly. The site gives students a user experience that is focused on the end result, a direct path to finding the resources and courses they are looking for.

Summer Campaign

CU Summer Session campaign “Use Your Summer to the Fullest” shows both sides of summer in Boulder — the academic rigor of CU combined with the unique facets of Colorado outdoors. The creative highlights real CU Students enjoying their favorite activities around Boulder. The full campaign consists of a wide array of media including digital ads, online flyers, postcards, posters, rack cards, website graphics, and book store monitor ads.


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