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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the largest foundation in the United States committed solely to health. For nearly 45 years, its philanthropy has focused on research and programs to address the most important issues of our era — including substance abuse, access and coverage to quality health care, childhood obesity, violence, and championing diversity, education, and collaboration in the health workforce. Vermilion is one of RWJF’s proud partners in helping bring grantee programs to life — through a range of dynamic websites and infographics.

Preventing Gun Violence

Cure Violence is a Chicago-based organization that considers gun violence a public-health crisis that should be treated like other infectious diseases — through intervention. The Cure Violence model enlists community members to ‘interrupt’ the cycle of violence before it spreads. In the last five years, the organization has expanded the success of its model to 25 U.S. cities and eight countries on five continents. Vermilion partnered with Cure Violence to redesign their website and bring their story to a wider range of policymakers, donors, and supporters worldwide.

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The Next Generation of Nursing

As the healthcare workforce evolves, so does the need for new approaches to education and leadership. The New Jersey Nursing Initiative is committed to providing educational opportunities and resources to the next generation of nursing professionals. Vermilion worked with NJNI to redesign their website to deliver a more engaging user experience for nurses and the communities that work with them to promote residents’ health and assist them in times of need.

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Healthy Choices for Everyone

Many underserved neighborhoods in across the U.S. lack easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables and other nutritious food. These ‘food deserts’ are often rife with unhealthy alternatives — including sugary drinks and snacks. As a result, childhood obesity and other health problems have emerged as growing public health epidemics. Vermilion has partnered with HER, a center at the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota, to establish an online resource for researchers, advocates, and policymakers to combat these crises.

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Building Healthier Communities Through Nursing

A national initiative of AARP and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Future of Nursing Campaign for Action is working to transform healthcare through nursing to build healthier communities. The website lays out the campaign’s history and vision, tracks the program’s progress, and provides a directory of resources and action coalitions to advance the transformation.

Each Action Coalition in the Campaign for Action represents the needs and progress of an individual state. While some make strides in nursing education, and others achieve incremental success in partnering with local policymakers and business leaders, the website encourages active sharing of insights and professional tools to help all states eventually benefit from the rich expertise of the nursing community.

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