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Deans for Impact

Deans for Impact

Preparing for the Classroom

for Deans for Impact

Deans for Impact is committed to transforming educator preparation and elevating the teaching profession by improving how we prepare teachers and unite behind a collective vision for change. The goal of the site redesign was to evolve the content to better reflect the changing organization mission and to build the site with a user-friendly CMS that allows for easier updates and blog posts.

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Deans for Impact

Design for Inclusion

New functionality for the DFI site includes a custom WordPress CMS that allows content and multimedia changes by their staff; a blog that allows categorizing and tagging posts that are easily linked to other content; a password-protected section for member deans to access information; and a more adaptive site framework as the work continues to evolve.

Deans for Impact has four guiding principles that educator preparation is oriented around:

  • Data Informed
  • Outcomes Focused
  • Empirically Tested
  • Transparent and Accountable

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