Sharing Beforeplay

by Bob Morehouse, CEO
October 10, 2012

Sharing Beforeplay Beth and I are in Seattle at the Communications Network annual conference. This is a gathering of the top communications officers from foundations all across the country, recognizing that it's no longer enough to...

On the Drawing Board.

by Paul Knipe, Account Director
April 18, 2012

On the Drawing Board. When it rains, it pours. In the past couple months we’ve begun work on three remarkable interactive projects—all of them Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grantees—that have our passions flowing and our brain cells dancing...

Sharing the Conversation

by Thaddeus Napp, Communications Strategist
April 17, 2012

Sharing the Conversation has been getting a lot of attention and sparking conversation throughout Colorado and across the country. We are excited about the rich dialogue and correspondence that we've received and thought we might share a few highlights.

Name Those Legs!

by Bob Morehouse, CEO
July 27, 2011

Name Those Legs! Join us for Kegs with Legs—a regular gathering of creative types and otherwise. Test your visual recall with our "Name Those Legs" contest where ten lucky people who identify the most legs will walk away with an event t-shirt...

Little Things, Big Meaning.

by Jennifer Constable, Account Director
November 29, 2010

Little Things, Big Meaning. During the holiday season, it's always great to be reminded of how the little things in life can make a positive difference. We hope this tale brings a smile and warm holiday feelings to all!

Team Vermilion takes the field

by Bob Morehouse, CEO
June 30, 2009

Team Vermilion takes the field Sports teams are not exactly what makes Vermilion tick. In fact, we’re more solo oriented. One of our crew can ride to Crested Butte and back. Many board or ski. Singles tennis is about the most social we get. Well, one person refs roller derby events, if that counts. So it was a bit of a stretch to field a kickball team for Ad2Denver’s third annual kickball tourney.