Gluten Freedom

by Bob Morehouse, CEO
August 28, 2013

Gluten Freedom This article in the Social Barrel highlights a number of the campaigns, including the award-winning "Let's Doodle Lunch" and the humorous Toast-a-Gram promotions.

Beforeplay News

by Bob Morehouse, CEO
April 30, 2013

Beforeplay News The Boulder County Business Report featured a story on the Beforeplay campaign, the statewide initiative about family planning and sexual health. A joint venture between . . .

Just Talk About It.

by Ani Hulse, Senior Account Manager
April 18, 2012

Just Talk About It. You may have seen parts of this campaign, because Beforeplay is on billboards, buses, television, and websites, in theaters, music venues and bars throughout the state. The aim is to reduce unintended pregnancy in Colorado, and the approach is to normalize the conversation about sexual health...

Do Pets Take After Their Guardians?

by Bob Morehouse, CEO
September 7, 2010

Do Pets Take After Their Guardians? Vermilion has just produced three PSAs for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley with the theme “Do Pets Take After Their Guardians?” The effort is part of the Adopt a Pet Project with a goal of saving 1,000 lives. The spots feature humorous takes of pets as their owners seem to imitate their behavior: catching a frisbee, grooming themselves, and burying a treasure. A huge shout-out to Paul DesRosiers, Vermilion’s creative director who wrote and directed the spots, Alan Dague-Green, Vermilion’s video genius who shot and edited the spots, and Kevin Bonner, who was the lead designer, and also acted the part of the dog burying a phone.

Do Dreams Come True?

by Bob Morehouse, CEO
August 6, 2010

Do Dreams Come True? We’ve just launched a strong new branding campaign for the University of Colorado Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies with the theme “Who says dreams have to change.” Using provocative shots of kids and their dreams, and alluding to courses taken later in life that help fulfill those dreams, the campaign uses print, web, online, outdoor and social media to get the word out. What were your dreams as a kid? Did those dreams come true?

IZZE Campaign Awarded by AIGA

by Bob Morehouse, CEO
June 30, 2010

IZZE Campaign Awarded by AIGA Vermilion’s “You’ll Love What’s Inside” campaign for IZZE has just been selected for inclusion in this year’s prestigious AIGA Annual Design Competition. Consisting of ads, websites and social media, the campaign is one of 126 projects selected from more than 3,000 entries worldwide.