Ready to Succeed.

Shaping Strong Futures Together is the mission of Denver's Early Childhood Council, whose new logo reinforces the theme that coalitions are essential to creating a high quality child care, education and healthcare system.

Love Vail

The logo for the Town of Vail's new recycling campaign echoes the theme "If you love it here, recycle here." Launching on July 4th, the campaign includes encourages residents and visitors to follow guidelines of the town's new recycling ordinance.

Communicating the Reason

Developed as part of an integrated in-store messaging program, the "Good Food Matters" mark is helping Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain Region engage customers and share why shopping their stores makes a difference.

Communicating the Reason

Developed as part of an integrated in-store messaging program, the "Good Food Matters" mark is helping Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain Region engage customers and share why shopping their stores makes a difference.

Naming the Cause

Naming was half the battle. ‘Beforeplay’ captures the essence of the campaign: fun, cheeky, clever, and open. The logo sports the informality and freshness that imbues all aspects of the integrated effort to reduce unintended pregnancy.

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A celebration of the Arts

Boulder's inaugural Arts Week, with nearly 100 events, performances, exhibitions and lectures throughout the county, was a roaring success. Vermilion was proud to support by creating the identity and ad series.

Attention Homes

Changing Lives of Youth in Crisis is the new positioning for Attention Homes, one of Boulder’s great nonprofits that provides safe, warm shelter, community-based living and teaching of life skills necessary for an independent future.

Find Your Treasure

Bishop is one of the newest and brightest additions to the shopping scene in the Boulder’s West End. Sara Bishop and her merry crew bring forth the unusual and the beautiful, with gifts and art and antiques that charm and amuse. Look for them on Tenth Street under the turquoise chair.

Ooh La La.

JC's Pie Pops will soon been seen in the freezer aisle of your favorite natural grocer. An extraordinarily delicious frozen treat, Pie Pops are available in Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Silk, and Vanilla Cream flavors.

Hop To It

There's absolutely nothing like the Great American Beer Festival, a three-day Denver event featuring hundreds of breweries from all over.


The Smarter Home

Revolv answers the need for unifying, harmonizing, controlling, and automating all of your Smart Home connected devises. Welcome to the future.

Growing Distribution

Pocono Produce Company of Pennsylvania has an updated name and new logo, to better represent the fact that they have grown from a produce only organization into one of the top fifty broadline foodservice distribution companies in the country.


Spaces is the new name and identity of Grant Muller's residential real estate company. Look for signs popping up in front of the coolest homes in Boulder County.

Passion Well Served

West Flanders is the new brewpub on the block, in this case the downtown Boulder mall, with a terrific lineup of belgian beers. There's the return of ever-popular Angry Monk, plus the dark red almost mahogany St. Mark's Dubbel, and the well-balanced ESB. The pub's name, of course, refers to the westernmost  province of Belgium, known for its world famous brews.

Make a Splash

The name "Via,” which in Latin means “the way,” represents the wider breadth of mobility services offered to the community. The dynamic new mark is captures the excitement of this important Boulder County nonprofit.

Gluten Freedom

The core mission of New Planet is to create great tasting gluten-free beers that everyone can enjoy. They are succeeding at a remarkable clip. The passion of company founders Pedro and Seneca Gonzalez, New Planet combines great taste with a significant concern for the environment.

A New Kick

The Colorado Democratic Party has a new mark, symbolizing the energy and commitment that has turned Colorado from a red state to a fairly blue state in a time when national trends are going the other way.

New Music from Colorado Public Radio

The newest radio station along the front range is OpenAir, an exciting new music station from Colorado Public Radio that airs at 1340 am but, significantly, can be streamed live from the website.

An Alliance for Respect

The Colorado GSA Network is dedicated to connecting LGBTQ and allied student leaders across Colorado in their fight to create schools where all students are out, safe, and respected.

Keeping ACD on Point

When the Ad Club of Denver decided it was time for a new identity to represent the Club, we saw an opportunity to keep things on point.

Innovative from the source.

Looking to create a more distinctive brand for SupplyExpo, New Hope Natural Media turned to Vermilion to develop a unique name and identity to differentiate their event from other supplier tradeshows. The result? “Engredea”. Strengthening their position as a market leader, the new Engredea identity captures the innovation and energy in natural products sourcing.

Delivering Energy and Connecting People

The new Meals on Wheels logo uses vibrant colors and flowing illustration to convey their optimistic and community focused services.

Leading with Brand Intelligence

The new Market Force identity system plays off the brand's wide sweep for 'customer intelligence'.

Giving Upscale Retail a Local Feel

Vermilion created the name, brand strategy and identity of this premier shopping, dining and entertainment district in Boulder.

Healthy Eating

Allergy Kids Foundation, an impassioned project by noted author Robyn O'Brien, helps families transform themselves through knowledge about food healthy eating.

Making Beautiful Music

This colorful new logo marks the merger of two great musical organizations whose mission is to inspire and connect through education and performance.

Small Grants. Big Impact.

Global Greengrants Fund uses small grants distributed through a network of local advisors to effect big changes for environmental justice in developing regions of the world.

Healthier Kids. Healthier Future.

The School Food Project aims to encourage healthier eating habits and knowledge about organic gardening and recycling in the public schools.

A Strong Connection

Modern, technical typography reinforces the smart, innovative brand personality. The ‘‘frequency’-N denotes electricity and the connection Tendril provides between utilities and consumers. 

It's In to be Out!

Serving the LGBTQ population of Boulder County since 1994, Boulder Pride determined they needed a new identity that better reflected the broad range of services and programs provided by the organization. The result? It's in to be Out, of course!

Sophisticated Luxury Living

Vermilion created the name and identity of The Walnut, downtown Boulder upscale new residences from Morgan Creek Ventures with breathtaking views and comfortably modern architecture.

Lifting Families From Poverty

BeadforLife eradicates extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens.

Tackling Climate Change

Vermilion created the name and identity of Boulder's carbon reduction program, the first in the nation using a carbon tax to encourage individuals and businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Major Developments

Macerich, the national developer of more than 80 retail properties across the country, has a new brand that expresses their sense of innovation and adventure.

Focus on the Future

The Boulder Valley School District commissioned logos for programs in Kindergarten Enrichment, School Age Care, and School Access that support students and provide a source of funding.

Focus on the Future

The Boulder Valley School District commissioned logos for programs in Kindergarten Enrichment, School Age Care, and School Access that support students and provide a source of funding.

Focus on the Future

The Boulder Valley School District commissioned logos for programs in Kindergarten Enrichment, School Age Care, and School Access that support students and provide a source of funding.

Strategic Quality Investing

Altitude Holdings is a Denver-based full-service real estate investment company providing investors with access to quality commercial real estate.

Colorado's Very Own

HW Home, with four locations across the front range, is Colorado's upscale furniture retailer offering a sumptuous urban eclectic look for the discerning shopper.

A Continuum of Care

Balfour Senior Living's identity reflects the sophistication and charm of Boulder County's premier senior living community. 

Ready for Takeoff

Lifting response is the theme of Aerios, the direct marketing and process management systems experts. Vermilion created the name and identity for this progressive company.

Jack Would be Proud

The Beanstalk Foundation relies on the magic of individual connections to make good things grow. Vermilion created the name and identity for this innovative organization. 

Fun and Creativity

Boulder's top-rated fine art and jewelry gallery achieves a clean, sophisticated, and modern look with their new logo.

Health Care for Every Woman

Meeting the reproductive healthcare for all women in a supportive and dignified environment has been the hallmark of this courageous Boulder institution. 

Where the Hip Sip

Vic's, with six locations around the county, is a Boulder institution synonymous with great coffee and good times.

The Power of Art to Inspire

The CU Art Museum, now in its impressive new facilities on campus, sports a logo designed to convey the transformative power of art. 

A Perfect Escape

A soothing and invigorating getaway, Sensorielle is Boulder's downtown day spa offering a vacation from the everyday.

Artisanal Delights

Bingham Hill brought home top honors from all the major world cheese competitions for its unique line of hand-made cheeses. 

A Designer's Dream

Gail Watson is one of those magical artists whose letterpress and bookbinding prowess brings astonishing beauty to paper and printing. 

Seeds of Excellence

The Bonfils Stanton Foundation advances excellence through strategic investments in a wide range of Colorado nonprofits.

Matters of Estate

Vermilion created the name and identity for this coordinated service company offering customers peace of mind with the slogan, 'Enjoy life. We'll manage the details'.

Adventures in Writing

Inka is the go anywhere, write anywhere highly engineered travel pen.

Not all Customers are Created Equal

Cohorts puts marketers on a first name basis with their customers and prospects.

Providing Health Care for All

Following the merger of People's Clinic with Clinica Campesina, the new mark keeps the values of both organizations in an updated way.

Turning Houses into Homes

Ann Cooper, known as one of the best realtors in Boulder County, sells some of the best real estate in Boulder County.

Adventure Capital

Lacuna developed the concept of 'Gap Capital' to help companies navigate the space between product innovation and marketplace adoption. 

Sophisticated Investments

Crestone serves high net worth individuals and families as a central resource for all their wealth management needs.

Giving Good Counsel

Faegre & Benson was established in 1886 and today is one of the 100 largest law firms in the United States with offices in six cities around the world.

Getting Physical

Erie Community Center's new mark suggests the vibrancy of the energetic new recreational facility.

Friendly Face for Parents

The updated logo for Koala Kare Products is a recognizable icon for their baby changing stations and other family friendly products.

Enhanced Communication

New Medium Direct uses technology and innovation to creatively spread the word for its clients.

Just Ride

The annual gay and lesbian snowboard jamboree held in the Rockies draws revelers from all over the world.

The World in Your Hands

Earthscape is a remarkable new technology that brings together fly-over geography with a wealth of localized citizen input.

Home Away From Home

Timbers is a residential hotel that offers spacious one and two bedroom furnished apartments for long term visitors.

Delicious Designs

Part of the Timbers all suite hotel complex in Denver, Peoria is an attractive new neighborhood restaurant. On Peoria Street, of course.

Strength in Simplicity

Light, flexible tensegrity structures popularized by Buckminster Fuller are the inspiration for the rapid programming software venture.

Ice You Look Forward To

Bringing a bit of Philadelphia to the foothills, Eppie's offers traditional water ices in numerous delicious flavors.

Protecting the Public's Health

The new logo for Tri-County Health Department expresses the optimism of this progressive organization. 

Let Us Entertain You

The new GPX mark was the beginning of a brand makeover for this marketer of consumer electronic products.

Green Careers

Veterans Green Jobs provides job education and career development opportunities for military veterans.